About us


Dmiva specializes in all types of design, web and application development. We know how to build perfect web solutions that will lead your company reach. We are constantly expanding our services.

Dmiva is a team of professionals and experts who provide different IT services.

We believe in developing long-term partnership with our clients. Our team will help you to expand the horizons of your business and make it a profitable one.


Our mission is to develop successful software products according to your needs.



  • Innovative Approach: Dmiva is a team of professionals who develop flexible and competitive products. Our goal is always delivering professional and outstanding results. We provide progressive technical solutions for our clients.
  • Teamwork: Our developers and project managers will fulfill your ideas and unique requirements to match your vision of the project.
  • What We Do: Throughout the whole life of the project from initiation phase to the final, our team is committed to clients and makes your needs our priority. We can assemble a dedicated project team. We have all skills and resources that fully suit any your requirements.
  • Success: Dmiva is focused on delivering high-quality solutions through a reasonable cost, that is one of our company advantages. We know how to bring your business ideas to life.