The multi-cloud myth: Why workload portability is still a pipe dream

While IT providers are fond of suggesting moving workloads between clouds is as easy as dragging and dropping apps between environments, the reality can be far more complex

Almost half of UK IT workers are looking for a new job

Survey shows organisations must do more to retain their skilled IT staff as they embark on digital transformation

Nordic states deepen cyber defence collaboration

Nordic and Baltic government leaders discuss pooling technologies and competences to counter hybrid threats within the cyber security domain

Seeking services with a clear digital focus

We take a look at the pros and cons of using mid-sized nearshore IT service providers to support digital transformation

Empowerment is the key to a connected society

It's not just technology that will determine our digital future – the ethical, social and political decisions taken now will have an impact on all of us

Accenture launches returners programme for people re-entering the workplace

Tech firm Accenture has launched a programme for people aiming to return to the workplace after a career break

More than half of schools do not offer computer science GCSE, says Royal Society

The Royal Society calls for more investment in computing education after finding many schools in England still do not offer a computer science GCSE

CIOs admit digital transformation strategy will not be fully implemented

Research by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of HCL, shows that the majority of CIOs doubt digital transformation strategies will be fully put into effect

Redefining OpenStack: Addressing identity and integration for enterprise-readiness

The OpenStack Foundation opens up about the work it is doing to address the open source cloud platform's identity crisis and integration issues, as part of its continuing pursuit to improve the technology's enterprise-readiness

Embrace the new normal – re-platform your cloud services

Huge improvements in cloud technology are opening up markets and solutions that previously didn’t exist. But complacent suppliers often don’t offer these innovations to long-established customers


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