AWS cloud security: Amazon CISO shares secrets to building secure cloud products

Ahead of Re:Invent 2017, AWS CISO Stephen Schmidt discusses how the cloud giant addresses user demand for new products and services, without compromising on cloud security

Tech Junkie Blog: AngularJS SPA Part 5: Create a MongoDB Configuration File

Here are the steps: – – dbpath : specifies the path of the data files – – logpath : specifies the path of the log file – – verbose: specifies how verbose we want out log files to be, in this we want our log files to be very verbose… The settings is from v […]

Spring Rest Controller with angularjs resource

Angularjs ngResource is an angularjs module for interacting with REST based services. I used it recently for a small project with Spring MVC and wanted to document a configuration that worked well for me. The controller is run of the mill, it supports CRUD operations on a Hotel entity and supports the following methods: – […]

Trying to figure out how to get Cloud Firestore working with Ionic?

It’s the new database Firebase launched, the fundamental differences with the Firebase Real-Time Database (RTDB for short) are: – – A few weeks before writing this I emailed my subscribers asking what excited them the most, and without a doubt, offline persistence and chained queries were tied neck to neck…. Today will learn how to […]

Mobile operators face profitability squeeze in 2018

Mobile operators will struggle to balance the twin challenges of rapidly declining revenues and rapidly growing demand for mobile investment, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit

Norway merges payment systems to combat global competition

Norwegian banks are merging three payment and identification systems in the face of increased competition from companies in other countries

DCMS to spearhead review of UK telecoms sector

The government is to embark on a landmark review of the UK’s telecoms markets to investigate how it can better support investment in future connectivity

AWS CEO says enterprise appetites for proprietary database tech are waning

Speaking at the Re:Invent 2017 Partner Summit Keynote, AWS CEO Andy Jassy hits out at the firm's cloud competitors, and says the functionality gap between them all is widening

TfL forges ahead with 4G for the Tube after successful test

Having built a pilot 4G network for ESN on the Waterloo & City Line during the summer, TfL is pressing ahead with plans to roll out mobile broadband for all London Underground users

Lauri Love: how reformed hackers halted the WannaCry virus

Lauri Love presents a compelling story of the WannaCry malware that nearly brought down the NHS, and the behind the scenes work of former hackers, and security researchers that helped to prevent lives being lost. Love is facing extradition to the US after allegedly taking part in a hacking protest over the death of internet pioneer Aaron Swartz, who faced jail for using a hidden computer to downloading academic journals at MIT.


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