UK IT professionals could lose out in a free trade deal between UK and India

There could be an increase in Indian IT professionals coming to work in the UK post-Brexit if a new trade deal is signed with India

Norway’s print media responds to digital threats

Subscription-based models are among the tactics being deployed by Norway’s print media organisations as they react to the digital threat to their traditional income streams

Deployment complexity stops enterprises making most of multi-cloud, says 451 Research

Data from 451 Research suggests the growing range and complexity of service providers’ product portfolios could make it harder for enterprises to reap multi-cloud rewards

Moscow to build on its smart city credentials

Moscow ranks in the world’s top 10 smart cities, but is keen to develop more technologies to boost its growing status

UK only average in terms of digital public services

UK government has the innovation skills to become a digital public services leader, but needs to improve the ID and authentication that sits underneath it to reach this goal

Public sector IT suppliers demand clarity over G-Cloud 10 launch date

G-Cloud listed IT suppliers are getting concerned that the next iteration of the framework agreement could be delayed by up to a year, and claim it could harm the public sector’s digital transformation efforts

AngularJS Audio Gallery Starter Kit

This Schema has several properties with different uses, like properties for keeping album data, such as name, description and release year; but also holds information about the album cover ID and URLs for audio files contained in the album’s playlist. It allows us to perform CRUD and batch operations in order to work with multiple […]

Tech Junkie Blog: AngularJS SPA Part 5: Create a MongoDB Configuration File

Here are the steps: – – dbpath : specifies the path of the data files – – logpath : specifies the path of the log file – – verbose: specifies how verbose we want out log files to be, in this we want our log files to be very verbose… The settings is from v […]

Gartner on the Pentagon’s ‘misconfigured’ AWS S3 bucket data leak

After details of the Pentagon’s online data collection habits came to light in the wake of its recent AWS S3 bucket leak, Gartner said web users should not be surprised to know the intelligence services are keeping tabs on their online activities

Top 20 Angular Blogs and Websites for Angular.js Community

Angularjs data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. These are the Best Angular blogs from thousands of top Angular blogs in our index using search and social metrics. These blogs are ranked based on following criteria – – CONGRATULATIONS to every blogger that has made this […]


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